Marketing 360

Think of this as a marketing health check. I'll come into your business and understand where you're at. I'll get under the skin of your products/services and look at where they sit in the market they operate in. I'll look at your brand positioning, understand your customers and stakeholders and analyse the customer experience.

Costs vary depending on the amount of work involved but expect a marketing 360 to cost between £1,500-£2,000.

Social media

I offer a ‘take social media off your shoulders’ service. I establish your business objectives and write a plan of social media posts which work to them. I schedule each of the of posts for you and report back on their impact.

This service costs around £500 per month depending on the level of activity we agree upon.

Elevator Pitches

I can’t deny it, I love to write Elevator Pitches and I’m lucky enough to write a lot of them! They are the pinnacle of who you are, what you offer and why someone should buy your product or use your services. They help you to clarify your thinking, enable you to sell yourself in seconds and help inform other parts of your communication strategy.

An Elevator Pitch costs £500.


I’m being asked to run more and more coaching sessions. The most popular topics include ‘How To Get The Most From Social Media’, ‘Improving The Customer Experience In Your Business’, ‘How To Deal With Difficult Situations’ and ‘How To Build A Brand’. All sessions are tailormade.

Coaching sessions cost £750, which includes writing and delivering the session.


I can write web copy, leaflets, promotional materials, headlines, copy for adverts, editorials, advertorials and much more. Prices are dependent on the breadth of work involved.

Specific Projects

I can work on specific marketing projects for you – sponsorship, media planning, commercial marketing and any other strands. Prices are dependent on the breadth of work involved.